Justified: City Primeval Season 1 Episode 3

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Justified: City Primeval Season 1 Episode 3
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Justified: City Primeval is an American crime drama television series that first premiered in 2023. The show follows the story of Raylan Givens, a deputy U.S. Marshal who is transferred back to his hometown in Kentucky. In season 1, episode 3, titled “The Fixer,” Raylan finds himself caught in the middle of a dangerous situation involving a local crime syndicate.

The Plot

In this episode, Raylan Givens is tasked with investigating a series of arsons that have been plaguing the city. As he digs deeper into the case, he uncovers a web of corruption and deceit that reaches the highest levels of power. Raylan must navigate through the treacherous underworld of City Primeval to bring justice to those responsible for the arsons.

The Characters

Raylan Givens is the protagonist of the series. He is a no-nonsense lawman who often finds himself at odds with the local criminal elements. In this episode, we see Raylan’s determination and resourcefulness as he tries to unravel the mystery behind the arsons.

Other notable characters include Ava Crowder, Raylan’s love interest and a former criminal herself. Boyd Crowder, Ava’s ex-husband and the leader of a local criminal organization. And Art Mullen, Raylan’s boss and mentor who provides guidance and support throughout the investigation.

The Themes

Justified: City Primeval explores themes of justice, corruption, and the blurred lines between right and wrong. The show delves into the complex moral dilemmas faced by its characters and challenges the viewers’ perceptions of what it means to be justified.


1. What is the main storyline of Justified: City Primeval?

The main storyline of Justified: City Primeval revolves around Raylan Givens, a deputy U.S. Marshal who is transferred back to his hometown and becomes entangled in the criminal underworld while trying to uphold the law.

2. Who are the main characters in this episode?

The main characters in episode 3 of Justified: City Primeval are Raylan Givens, Ava Crowder, Boyd Crowder, and Art Mullen.

3. What is the central conflict in this episode?

The central conflict in this episode is the investigation of a series of arsons and the uncovering of a corrupt network within the city.

4. Is this episode standalone or part of a larger storyline?

This episode is part of the larger storyline of Justified: City Primeval. While it can be enjoyed as a standalone episode, it contributes to the overall narrative of the series.

5. Where can I watch this episode?

You can watch Justified: City Primeval on streaming platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

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