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Commercial Doors Jersey

When it comes to commercial spaces, the doors that provide the entry and exit points play a vital role in the overall functionality and safety of the building. In Jersey, commercial doors are used in a variety of settings, from retail stores and offices to warehouses and manufacturing plants. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of commercial doors available in Jersey and the factors you should consider when choosing the right door for your business.

Rolling Steel Doors

Rolling steel doors are one of the most popular types of commercial doors found in Jersey. They are made up of interlocking slats that roll up into a coil when opened, making them an ideal choice for areas with limited space. Rolling steel doors are also known for their durability and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. They provide excellent security against break-ins and are commonly used in warehouses, loading docks, and storage facilities.

High-Speed Doors

High-speed doors are another popular option in commercial spaces. They are designed to open and close quickly, making them ideal for areas with high traffic flow. High-speed doors are available in a range of materials, including PVC and stainless steel, and can be customized to suit the needs of your business. They are commonly used in supermarkets, cold storage facilities, and manufacturing plants.

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors are made up of several hinged panels that slide up and overhead when opened. They are a versatile option for commercial spaces due to their energy efficiency and insulation properties. They come in a range of materials and finishes, including aluminum, steel, and wood. Many businesses in Jersey use sectional doors in their garages or loading bays.

Fire Doors

Fire doors are essential in commercial spaces as they provide a barrier against fire and smoke. They are made of fire-resistant materials and are designed to close automatically in the event of a fire. Fire doors are a legal requirement in many commercial buildings, including offices, schools, and healthcare facilities.

Glass Doors

Glass doors are a popular option in retail spaces and office buildings. They provide a sleek and modern look and allow natural light to enter the building. Glass doors are available in a range of styles, including sliding, swinging, and automatic. They are also customizable with a range of finishes, including frosted, tinted, and etched glass.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Commercial Doors

When choosing commercial doors, there are several factors you should consider to ensure you choose the right type of door for your business:

1. Security: The security of your building should be a top priority when choosing doors. Consider the level of protection offered by different types of doors and any additional security features you may need, such as electronic locks, access control systems, and security cameras.

2. Durability: Commercial doors are subject to heavy use, so it is essential to choose a door that is durable and can withstand wear and tear. Consider the materials used in the door’s construction, the level of maintenance required, and the expected lifespan of the door.

3. Energy efficiency: Energy-efficient doors can help reduce your building’s energy consumption and lower your utility bills. Consider the insulation properties of different types of doors and their ability to retain heat or cool air.

4. Aesthetics: The appearance of your doors can impact the overall look and feel of your building. Consider the design, color, and finish of the doors to ensure they complement the rest of your building’s aesthetics.


In conclusion, choosing the right commercial doors is essential for the safety, functionality, and aesthetics of your business. With so many options available in Jersey, it is essential to consider the factors outlined in this article when making your decision. Whether you need rolling steel doors, high-speed doors, sectional doors, fire doors, or glass doors, there is a suitable option for every commercial space.

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