The Nun After Credits: Exploring The Hidden Scenes In The Horror Movie

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The Nun After Credits: Exploring The Hidden Scenes In The Horror Movie
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Released in 2018, “The Nun” quickly became a sensation among horror movie enthusiasts. This spine-chilling film, directed by Corin Hardy, is a part of “The Conjuring” universe and serves as a prequel to the series. While the movie itself is an intense and terrifying experience, there is more to discover even after the credits roll. In this article, we delve into the hidden scenes and surprises that await you in “The Nun” after credits.

1. The After Credits Scene

After the main story concludes, “The Nun” treats its audience with an intriguing after-credits scene. As the camera pans through a dark corridor, we see a figure standing at the end. Suddenly, the nun’s face appears in close-up, accompanied by a bone-chilling scream. This scene hints at the potential for a sequel or further expansion of “The Conjuring” universe.

2. The Connection to Other Movies

“The Nun” serves as a prequel to “The Conjuring” series and provides insight into the origins of the demonic nun, Valak. This connection to the larger universe is further emphasized in the after-credits scene, as it implies a continuation of Valak’s story in future films. Fans of “The Conjuring” will be delighted to uncover these subtle ties and anticipate what lies ahead.

3. The Possibility of Spin-Offs

Given the success of “The Nun” and the popularity of the character, it’s plausible that spin-off movies or series could emerge. The after-credits scene heightens this possibility, leaving viewers hungry for more content centered around Valak. As horror aficionados, we can only hope for the expansion of this captivating universe.

4. Exploring Valak’s Origins

“The Nun” takes us back to 1952 Romania, where we witness the origins of Valak. Through eerie visuals and a gripping storyline, we learn about the demon’s connection to the Abbey of St. Carta and the darkness that plagues it. The after-credits scene adds an extra layer of mystery, leaving us intrigued about Valak’s future endeavors.

5. The Power of Mythology

In “The Nun,” the filmmakers skillfully incorporate elements of mythology and religious symbolism. The after-credits scene, with its intense close-up of the nun’s face, further enhances the enigmatic and sinister nature of Valak. This attention to detail and the film’s ability to create a sense of dread make it a standout in the horror genre.

6. What Can We Expect from a Sequel?

The after-credits scene of “The Nun” leaves us with numerous questions and speculations about a potential sequel. Will we witness Valak’s further exploits, or will the story take a different turn altogether? Fans eagerly await the answers as they anticipate a continuation of the demonic saga.

7. The Impact on the Horror Genre

With its chilling atmosphere and gripping narrative, “The Nun” has left an indelible mark on the horror genre. The after-credits scene adds to the overall impact of the film, leaving audiences with a lingering sense of dread and excitement. It’s a testament to the filmmakers’ ability to craft a memorable and terrifying experience.

8. Exploring the Cinematic Universe

“The Nun” is part of a larger cinematic universe, expanding upon the world established in “The Conjuring” series. The after-credits scene not only connects to the previous films but also sets the stage for future installments. This interconnectedness adds depth and richness to the overall storytelling, enticing fans to further explore this terrifying universe.

9. The Importance of Sound Design

In horror movies, sound design plays a crucial role in building tension and enhancing scares. “The Nun” excels in this aspect, with its spine-chilling audio cues and atmospheric soundtrack. The after-credits scene utilizes sound to great effect, immersing viewers in the horrific world of Valak and leaving them with a lasting impression.

10. The Influence of Gothic Horror

“The Nun” draws inspiration from gothic horror, with its gloomy settings and supernatural elements. The after-credits scene, with its dark corridor and haunting imagery, pays homage to this genre. By exploring these influences, we gain a deeper appreciation for the film’s artistic choices and its contribution to the horror landscape.

11. The Spectacular Performances

One cannot discuss “The Nun” without acknowledging the stellar performances that bring the characters to life. Taissa Farmiga’s portrayal of Sister Irene and Bonnie Aarons’ chilling performance as Valak are particularly noteworthy. The after-credits scene serves as a testament to the actors’ ability to evoke fear and captivate audiences.

12. The Fan Theories

With the release of “The Nun,” numerous fan theories and speculations emerged, adding to the excitement surrounding the film. The after-credits scene fuels these discussions, as fans analyze every frame for clues about what’s to come. Engaging with the fan community and exploring these theories adds another layer of enjoyment to the movie-watching experience.

13. The Marketing Strategy

The inclusion of an after-credits scene in “The Nun” serves as a clever marketing strategy. By leaving audiences with a chilling final image, the film generates buzz and anticipation for future releases. It encourages viewers to stay engaged with the franchise and eagerly await what lies ahead.

14. Exploring Other Hidden Gems

In addition to the after-credits scene, “The Nun” offers other hidden gems for eagle-eyed viewers. Pay close attention to the intricate details and subtle nods to the larger universe. These hidden Easter eggs enhance the overall viewing experience and make for exciting discussions among fans.

15. Conclusion

After immersing ourselves in the terrifying world of “The Nun,” the after-credits scene leaves us craving for more. The potential for a sequel or spin-offs, the connection to the larger universe, and the mysteries surrounding Valak make this a captivating horror movie experience. As we eagerly await future installments, “The Nun” continues to haunt our nightmares and solidify its place as a standout in the genre.


1. Is there a scene after the credits in “The Nun”?

Yes, there is an after-credits scene in “The Nun” that hints at a potential sequel or further expansion of “The Conjuring” universe.

2. Can “The Nun” be watched as a standalone movie?

While “The Nun” is a part of “The Conjuring” universe, it can be enjoyed as a standalone movie. However, watching the other films in the series enhances the overall experience.

3. Are there any connections to “The Conjuring” series in “The Nun”?

Yes, “The Nun” serves as a prequel to “The Conjuring” series and provides insight into the origins of the demonic nun, Valak.

4. Will there be a sequel to “The Nun”?

While no official announcement has been made, the after-credits scene and the popularity of the character Valak suggest a potential for a sequel or spin-offs.

5. What is the significance of the after-credits scene in “The Nun”?

The after-credits scene in “The Nun” leaves viewers with a chilling final image and hints at the continuation of Valak’s story, generating anticipation for future releases.